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28 Dec 2013

World creation story pt.3

27 Dec 2013

World creation story pt.2

27 Dec 2013

World creation story pt.1

18 Dec 2013


One night Sebastian had closed early. He was gonna have his love Elizabeth come over to his appartment for some wine. His life was going great: with the help of his new powers he’s managed to more lives than usual. When he camw home he realised he forgot to clean himself from all the blood and just as he was heading to the bathroom, he heard a kmock on the door, he hurried to the door, worried it was his love who had come early.
Outside stood a shady-looking man who, in the blink of an eye, had tackled Sebastian to the ground and bit deep into his neck. The wound made him very groggy and he eventually passed out. The man quickly left the scene.
Hours later Sebastian woke up. He was lying on the couch and on a chair next to him sat Elizabeth, breathing out as he was finally awake. Elizabeth said she arrived and found him out cold on the ground. Sebastian lied that he didn’t remember what happened.
The two would drink a lot of wine and spend the night together, however as dawn was upon them, Sebastian started to feel weird. A few of his teeth grew into fangs and his senses started to get cloudy. That was when he bit into Elizabeth’s neck. She screamed, pushed him away and hurried to the door, but as the sun’s rays hit her, it wasn’t much left of her than a pile of ashes.
This changed Sebastian. He was forced to have his clinic open at night, rest of the timr he spent training his powers. Eventually he could form and command blood that was free of a “container” to his will.
Today he is 372 years old, an age usually only guardians could reach. He’s a blood-wielding vampire, set on avenging his love by hunting down the one who dif this to him.

18 Dec 2013


Let’s talk a bit about Sebastain, shall we?
Sebastian Blackwood, born and raised with four siblings.  Sebastian was very intelligent, getting into the best college in the world by the age of 16. He graduated second-best out of the whole school.  Sebastian wanted to become a doctor, he wanted to help people and so he went, and graduated, at a school made for doctors and such.
As the years went, he started a small clinic in the more shady parts of the city where he worked 18 hours a day, rest of the time he rested. It was tiring, but he enjoyed it. He was also gaining a lot of money for his cheaper-than-average medical attention. Around this time he also met a girl who he instantly fell in love with.  After months of seeing each other, they were talking about marriage, Sebastian at the age of 25.
Meanwhile had he heard of a way to cure almost anything with the help of their blood. Sebastian instantly started researching and would find out he needed the forbidden powers of Chaos (their version of magic). After weeks of training he finally managed to move a small puddle of blood on the table with his mind. It wasn’t much but it was better than nothing.  And so he continued his life like this until something horrible happened.

9 Oct 2013

Short story with:

3 Oct 2013

I’m gonna talk about a few things I’ve wanted to say about the way one of the species/races in one of my stories wear clothes uvu

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23 Sep 2013


Let’s talk a bit about Amber’s backstory. (There’s some weird stuff going on, so be on your guard. (Also tell me if I have to tag it for some stuff in here ;w; ))

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